TimberTech Terrain Decking Collection

Terrain Collection

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Brown Oak Terrain Decking Collection

Brown Oak

Steadfast Color

Colors are engineered to stay true over time and come with a 30-Year Fade & Stain warranty. Choose from the widest range of rich hues.

Four-Sided Protection

Each board is capped on all four sides, all the way down into the grooves, Capping is made with 100% synthetic materials for total immunity against moisture.

Say No to Stains

The easy-to-clean surface thwarts stains, so oils, sauces, and other household products won’t cause any permanent damage.

Install the Easy Way

Installations go more smoothly thanks to strong fasteners that don’t require pre-drilled holes. The result is a deck with a flawless, fastener-free surface.

Lightweight and Strong 

A scalloped profile bottom reduces weight without sacrificing durability and strength.

About TIMBERTECH Composite Terrain

Tap into the earthy and elegant moderately variegated and monochromatic colours of the Terrain Collection for a timeless, rugged deck that’ll complete your outdoor living space.

  • • Cathedral wood grain finish
  • • Blended and solid colors
  • • Rugged real wood look
  • • Scalloped boards to reduce weight

Deck Boards
– Actual dimensions: 5.36″ x 0.94″
– Lengths available:
Square-Shoulder Boards available in 16′ and 20′
Grooved Boards available in 12′, 16′ and 20′

Riser Boards
– Actual dimensions: 7.25″
– Lengths available: 12′

Fascia Boards
– Actual dimensions: 11.95″
– Lengths available: 12′

What defines the Terrain Collection™?

Highly Color-Blended

Marked by the nuanced board-to-board variation you’d find in expertly sourced barnwood or shiplap.

Cathedral Wood Grain Finish

Classic straight grain patterns combine with cathedral peaks for the character of traditional cut lumber.

Inspired by Reclaimed Wood

Featuring a light wire-brushed, rough-hewn texture and rustic, earthy tones.

Get Inspired

See how others have transformed their outdoor living spaces.

TimberTech Composite Terrain Collection - Brown oak
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